We offer fully custom cabinetry with a wide array of styles and finishes that are as unique as your morning macchiato latte.  Designed with you and your budget in mind, we tailor-fit everything to your expectations and beyond.   



By choosing to do business with a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, you've chosen to work with a company that's dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services for the kitchen and bath. When you buy a product or service from a business that's a member of NKBA, you know that company has agreed to be bound by the NKBA's code of professional conduct, which requires that the company will conduct its business in a manner that's honorable and fair to customers, avoid conflicts of interest by accepting payment from only one party in a transaction, except with the express consent of all parties and cooperate with other industry members for the good of the customers, among others.

Our Award-Winning Designers will ensure your space will feature the best of you.  We will work closely with you from initial phase to final installation.  We will establish and implement a game plan together with our team of contractors and vendors.  Our remodeling services includes:

-  Consultation and Planning

-  Kitchen and Bath Design

-  Cabinetry

-  Material Selection

-  Project Management

RemodelUp has created a practice to help clients overcome the frustration when undergoing a remodel.  We believe that initiating a kitchen or bath project should be a pleasant and exciting experience, not an arduous, painful task. To have a single point of contact from design to implementation we make the process smoother and easier so our clients can spend quality time with things that matter most, family.

​​​​Quality is never an accident, it is the result of intelligent effort.

What does it mean to be a member of NKBA?



A Certified Interior Designer (CID) have met the education, experience and examination requirements established by the Caifornia Council for Interior Design Certification or CCIDC Board under Section 5800 of the California Business and Professions Code.  As there is no law in California at this time that requires designers to be licensed, or regulated by the state, most consumers are not aware that literally anyone can call themselves "interior designer".  The CCIDC recommends "caveat emptor" (buyers beware), you could be hiring someone unqualified to provide you with competent interior design services.  To become Certified, interior designers must prove they are fully qualified to practice in any commercial or residential area of interior design.  Hiring Certified Interior Designer provides assurance to you, the consumer, that your project and funds will be handled competently and with care by a qualified interior design professional.


Why Hire a Certified Interior Designer?